Hispanic-Serving Institutions with Graduate Programs (gHSIs): 2019-2020

Excelencia in Education
April 2021


Of the 569 institutions that met the HSI definition in 2019-20, 237 offered graduate degrees (139 offered doctoral degrees as the highest degree, 79 offered master’s degrees, 18 offered a post-master’s certificate, and one offered a postbaccalaureate certificate).

The list of institutions identified as HSIs with graduate programs in this analysis is not intended to designate eligibility for any specific program; rather, the list is meant to assist in considering and analyzing the institutions that meet the legislative definition of an HSI and offer graduate programs.

Suggested citation: Excelencia in Education. (2021). Hispanic-Serving Institutions with Graduate Programs (gHSIs): 2019-20. Washington, D.C.: Excelencia in Education.

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Infographic-Hispanic-Serving Institutions with Graduate Programs (gHSIs) 2019-2020: Overview