Latino Student Success and the Workforce


Our nation needs each and every citizen to be job ready. We need to identify colleges and universities that serve Latinos well and think of how to invest in the capacity of institutions to do this for the economic security of our country.

Robert T. Jones, President of Education and Workforce Policy LLC, and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor


Excelencia in Education's mission is to accelerate Latino student success in higher education— to enhance our workforce, leadership, economy, and Ensure America’s Future.


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Latinos in the Workforce

As the Latino population grows, Latinos will continue to influence U.S. economic growth.

Learn more about the condition of Latinos in the workforce.

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HSIs and the Workforce

HSIs enroll the majority of Latino students and play an integral part in their academic success and workforce preparation.

Learn more about the intentional efforts of HSIs.

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Finding Your Workforce

The top 25 institutions graduating Latinos are meeting the nation’s economic needs by developing Latino talent.

Learn more from the series on Finding Your Workforce.

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Latino College Completion

To reach the goal of 6.2 million degrees by Latinos by 2030 requires a tactical plan.

Learn more about Latino college completion across the 50 states, DC, and PR.

How do data on Latino college completion inform U.S. workforce needs?

Data help others understand the profile of Latino students and the institutions graduating them links the college completion goals of the U.S. with the educated workforce needs of the country. Nationally, Latino college enrollment and completion are projected to increase.

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How do we close the equity gap and why is this important to workforce?

Closing the equity gap requires a tactical plan for accelerating, not just increasing, Latinos’ degree attainment. Excelencia’s analysis shows that for the U.S. to close equity gaps in educational attainment, Latinos must earn 6.2 million degrees by 2030. Latinos are a young and fast-growing population. Our investment in Latino college completion is critical for the U.S. to meet its current and future civic leadership and workforce needs.

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How are Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) supporting Latino students beyond degree completion?

HSIs are expanding their scope of Latino student success and taking active steps to create learning experiences that promote workforce preparation and foster Latino post-completion success. As institutions continue to make progress on Latino enrollment and completion, Latino representation within the workforce is expected to increase.


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