It's hard to imagine the realm without Excelencia. They’ve been strong and effective advocates on behalf of students. A critical partner – in terms of importance, but also perspective – they challenge all of us in the community to be mindful of needs and challenges of Latino students.

Michelle Cooper, Vice President for Public Policy and Executive Director of Lumina Foundation’s Washington, D.C.

It Takes All of Us to Accelerate Latino Student Success

The Latino community brings talent and vitality to America's economy, workforce, and society and we must accelerate their success. Excelencia in Education uses data, practice, and leadership to partner and collaborate with professionals, institutions, and organizations so they can more effectively serve Latino students.

Partner for Latino Student Success

How are we helping institutions get there?

Data Institute-Seal of Excelencia-Pennsylvania

The Seal of Excelencia aims to accelerate the number of Latino students attaining college degrees by 2030. The Seal is a voluntary certification to recognize institutions intentionally SERVING Latino students for success based on the use of data, evidence-based practices, and effective leadership.

Through the Seal, Excelencia offers technical assistance to a network of institutions committed to sharing and improving their efforts in SERVING Latino students.

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