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Comprehensive certification for Institutions SERVING Latino students

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Support for institutions improving how they SERVE Latino students

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2019 Recipients of Seal of Excelencia Announced

2019 Seal of Excelencia Recipient

Excelencia announces the inaugural cohort of institutions earning certification for serving Latino students. These nine institutions enrolled and graduated about 5% of all Latino students and directly contributed to helping meet our national degree completion goals.

To attain the Seal, institutions demonstrated intentional impact and success in the three core areas of work that Excelencia has determined lead to Latino student success: data, practice, and leadership.

What is the Seal of Excelencia?

Excelencia’s Seal of Excelencia certification provides independent verification of an institutions serving Latino students by intentionally aligning data, practice, and leadership. The Seal benefits institution, students, and community and accelerates the number of students with degrees by 2030.  Learn more

How does the Seal of Excelencia work?

Rather than seeking to implement change with one- size-fits-all policy mandates, The Seal of Excelencia is a voluntary system focused on changing institutional focus and practice. The Seal is designed to create demand in the higher education market for improving Latino student success by leveraging the momentum of a growing Latino population as they evaluate and choose to attend colleges and universities that show evidence of truly serving Latino students.   Learn more

What is the framework for the Seal of Excelencia?

The Seal of Excelencia framework provides a platform where institutions with committed leaders and positive student outcomes will be recognized for their efforts to effectively serve Latino students.   Learn more

What is Excelencia’s commitment to those voluntarily applying for the Seal?

Our commitment is to work in partnership with higher education and to operate within an optimistic framework recognizing the accomplishments of many institutions that are SERVING Latino students well.

Further, we recognize that developing the ability to serve Latino students enhance the capacities of institutions to serve all students. Learn about Excelencia’s Technical Assistance Institutes

How can colleges and universities be selected for the Seal of Excelencia?

Colleges and universities will earn the Seal of Excelencia once they demonstrate consistent success in helping Latino students graduate. Specifically, to attain the Seal, institutions will demonstrate they have reached benchmarks in the three core areas that Excelencia has determined are more likely to lead to Latino student success - Data, Practice, and Leadership. To learn more contact

Why is Excelencia in Education offering the Seal of Excelencia?

Excelencia is uniquely positioned to drive change in higher education to better serve Latino students. We have a deep knowledge of higher education data trends nationally as well as experience helping institutions use data to inform and improve institutional policies and practices to help more students succeed. Learn more


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