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Number of degrees Latinos need to earn by 2030 to close gaps in degree completion.

Projections to 2030: Excelencia in Education. (2020). Ensuring America’s Future: Benchmarking Latino College Completion to 2030. Excelencia in Education. Washington, D.C.

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Many Latino students adjust their attendance patterns to leverage financial aid insufficient to their needs.

Learn more about Excelencia’s affordability recommendations.

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Institutional Capacity

Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) enroll the overwhelming majority of Latino students, yet are low-resourced and underfunded.

Learn more about Excelencia’s institutional capacity recommendations.

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Retention and Transfer

Latino students represent a post-traditional profile. However, many higher education policies prioritize a traditional college pathway.

Learn more about Excelencia’s retention and transfer recommendations.

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Workforce Preparation

Latinos are overrepresented in the workforce but in jobs that are essential, vulnerable, and lower in pay.

Learn more about Excelencia’s workforce preparation recommendations.


How does Excelencia in Education approach policy to accelerate Latino student success?

Excelencia believes that good policy is informed by good practice. The ability to intentionally SERVE Latino students at scale requires knowing what works to accelerate Latino student success in a contemporary way with the most up-to-date Latino student profile.


What are Excelencia’s policy priorities?

Excelencia focuses on four policy priorities: affordability, institutional capacity, retention, and workforce preparation for closing gaps in degree attainment and increasing educational and economic opportunity for Latino and post-traditional students in higher education. 

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Excelencia in Education’s Policy Priorities: 2024

Excelencia in Education’s Policy Priorities: 2024

Excelencia’s policy agenda advocates for accelerating Latino student success to close gaps in degree attainment based on the current profile of Latinos in higher education. Four policy issues were continually raised among leading institutions committed to supporting Latino student success: 1) affordability, 2) institutional capacity, 3) retention and transfer, and 4) workforce preparation.




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