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Number of degrees Latinos need to earn by 2030 to close equity gaps in degree completion.

Projections to 2030: Excelencia in Education. (2020). Ensuring America’s Future: Benchmarking Latino College Completion to 2030. Excelencia in Education. Washington, D.C.


  How does Excelencia in Education approach policy to
  accelerate Latino student success?

Excelencia believes that good policy is informed by good practice. The ability to serve Latino students at scale requires knowing what works to accelerate Latino student success in a contemporary way with the most up-to-date Latino student profile.


  Excelencia’s Policy Priorities

Excelencia advocates for policies to increase degree attainment and close equity gaps to accelerate Latino student success based on the current educational realities. In working with practitioners and assessing the current state of Latinos in higher education, we identified four priority areas for a policy agenda we believe can accelerate Latino student success: 


Excelencia Policy Agenda - Affordability


Many Latino students adjust their attendance patterns to fit into a financial aid system not built for them. Now, the pandemic has resulted in decreased incomes, making it harder to pay for college.


Excelencia Policy Agenda - Institutional Capacity


Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) enroll the overwhelming majority of Latino students, yet are low-resourced and face further budget cuts in the midst of an economic recession.


Excelencia Policy - Transfer and Retention


Latinos are not supported through the postsecondary pathways because they do not follow a traditional pathway. Given the disproportionate vulnerability of Latinos because of the pandemic, these pathways are being further disrupted.


Excelencia Policy Agenda - Workforce Preparation


The pandemic has shown that Latinos are overrepresented in the workforce but in jobs that are vulnerable and lower in pay. Policymakers should support social mobility for Latino students and their successful transition to the workforce.




COVID-19 and Federal Support for Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs)
Read about Excelencia in Education's ongoing analysis on how Latino students and the institutions they attend are funded by the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act. Excelencia's analysis found the formula used to allocate funds reinforces funding inequities for Hispanic students and the institutions that enroll them. See a breakdown of the funding appropriated to Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) in the CARES Act.   READ MORE


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