Excelencia’s Policy Agenda: Retention and Transfer

Excelencia’s Policy Agenda: Retention and Transfer

Excelencia in Education
November 2020


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Latino students’ pathway to degree completion is post-traditional. Excelencia in Education’s research has found that Latinos often transfer institutions, attend part-time, and remain enrolled well after beginning their postsecondary education. Because Latinos do not follow a traditional postsecondary pathway—entering postsecondary education right after high school and graduating in four years from the institution where they first enrolled—they are not supported through postsecondary pathways.

While COVID-19 has upended higher education and enrollments decreased for almost every group, Latinos’ enrollment in higher education increased, showing a continued commitment to postsecondary education. Federal and state policy should recognize this commitment and address the post-traditional pathways. Doing so would help more Latino students complete a degree in a timely fashion, providing economic benefits to students and policymakers.


  How can policymakers support Latinos’ retention and transfer
  on their path to a degree?

Hispanic-Serving Institutions enroll the overwhelming majority of Latino students, yet are low-resourced and face further budget cuts in the midst of an economic recession. The following recommendations would improve these institutions’ capacity to serve Latino students:

  • Make transfer efforts an allowable activity for Higher Education Act Title V (Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program) grants.
  • Strengthen transfer efforts between institutions by funding effective data sharing.
  • Update federal data to better capture Latino students’ pathways and how federal funding impacts Latino student success.
  • Ensure access to reliable internet connectivity for students and commit to long-term broadband infrastructure investments.
  • Provide financial incentives to retain Latino students on their path to graduation.


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