Financial Aid for Latino Student Success

Financial Aid

There is no greater strategic investment the nation can make than to ensure that more college students earn degrees that will lead to good jobs. Helping a larger percentage of Latino college students graduate is a crucial next step for institutions and states.

Diana Natalicio, President Emerita, University of Texas at El Paso

How do Latinos pay for college?

Financial aid impacts Latino Student Success

As Latino representation in U.S. higher education grows, a reality check of public policies and institutional practices that support Latino students’ access, persistence, and graduation is needed. Excelencia’s work examines financial aid strategies aimed at increasing enrollment, academic success, and degree completion. This work seeks to understand what influences Latino students’ financial aid participation and choices as well as identifying institutional practices that are effective in enrolling, retaining, and graduating Latino students. In turn, the analysis can inform ongoing efforts to refine and improve financial aid for post-traditional students.

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