Excelencia's Strategy

Our Strategy

With the right information about which colleges are doing the best and which students are completing at what cost, it may not be long until Latino students select the colleges that can take them the furthest in completion, advanced learning, and careers.

Gilbert Cisneros, co-founder, the Gilbert &  Jacki Cisneros Foundation


Core Strategies and Objectives

Latino student success is Excelencia's focus

The mission for Excelencia is supported through five core strategies:

  1. Expand knowledge through research
  2. Build will for institutional and policy change
  3. Apply action through programs
  4. Equip the field to excel
  5. Strengthen Excelencia’s capacity, visibility, and authority to catalyze change

What We Believe

Excelencia in Education believes institutions and communities intentionally acting and measuring their postsecondary student success can be agents of change in public policy.

Excelencia impacts policy at the local, state, and national levels


Public policy is about scale and developing networks of institutions and communities that recognize effective change is needed to serve more post-traditional students in higher education.

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