Programs and Initiatives - Latino Student Success

Programs + Initiatives

There is a good reason that Excelencia in Education is synonymous with Latino student success. With a steady focus on research and data, Excelencia effectively communicates to policymakers the factors that matter most in advancing Latino student success.

Diana Natalicio, legendary higher education leader who passed away Fall 2021.

We Promote Latino Student Success

Excelencia promotes Latino student success

Excelencia in Education believes the nation can make a measurable difference in increasing Latino student success in higher education by coming together and taking action. Participate in the following programs and initiatives:

  • have your institution or organization join Excelencia in Action
  • nominate programs for the annual Examples of Excelencia
  • learn about evidence-based programs in the Growing What Works database
  • participate in the Accelerating Latino Student Success (ALASS) Institute
  • attend the Celebración de Excelencia
  • invest in Excelencia’s programs and initiatives

A Community of Action

Professionals investing in Latino student success

Excelencia’s institutes, workshops and convenings provide forums for sharing knowledge on effective strategies for Latino student success. These opportunities engage leadership from multiple sectors to focus on Latino students as essential to America’s human capital growth. Our partnership model and asset-based focus on Latino students leads to public recognition of students, institutions, communities and leaders making significant progress in improving Latino student attainment.