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Evidence-based programs that show intentionality in SERVING Latino students

With the belief that good policy is informed by good practice, Excelencia brings national attention to programs that are models of culturally responsive, asset-based efforts with evidence of effectiveness in recruiting, retaining, graduating, and preparing Latino students for success in the workforce. These programs are a powerful example of what can work for Latino students while serving all.

Each of the below Examples of Excelencia stands out in their respective category for their commitment to intentionally and effectively serve Latino students:


2023 Examples of Excelencia:

Stay tuned for the announcement of the four Examples of Excelencia  on September 28.



2022 Examples of Excelencia:

The 2022 Examples of Excelencia were selected from 20 finalists among 93 national submissions representing 17 states, DC and Puerto Rico. Hear directly from professionals who run the programs selected as 2022 Examples of Excelencia and students served by the programs.

Download a copy of the 2022 edition of What Works for Latino Students in Higher Education.

ASSOCIATE LEVEL: Latino Promise and HACER Programs
Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ)

Institution/Organization: Fairleigh Dickinson University

State: New Jersey

Issue Area: Access

Program Focus: Bilingual/ESL, First-Year Support

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BACCALAUREATE LEVEL: Institute of Interdisciplinary Research
University of Puerto Rico at Cayey (PR)

Institution/Organization: University of Puerto Rico at Cayey

State: Puerto Rico

Issue Area: Academic Program

Program Focus: Mentoring, Undergraduate Research

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GRADUATE LEVEL: MS in Environmental Science
The University of Texas at San Antonio (TX)

Institution/Organization: The University of Texas at San Antonio

State: Texas

Issue Area: Academic Program

Program Focus: Discipline/Subject, Mentoring

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Esperanza, Inc. (OH)

Institution/Organization: Esperanza, Inc.

State: Ohio

Issue Area: Retention

Program Focus: First-Year Support, Mentoring

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2021 Examples of Excelencia:

The 2021 Examples of Excelencia were selected from 21 finalists among 145 national submissions representing 23 states and Puerto Rico.

Howard Community College (MD)

Institution/Organization: Howard Community College

State: Maryland

Issue Area: Support Services

Program Focus: First Year Support, Parental/Family Engagement

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North Central College (IL)

Institution/Organization: North Central College

State: Illinois

Issue Area: Retention

Program Focus: Dual Degree/Dual Credit/Early College High School

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GRADUATE LEVEL: ¡Éxito! Latino Cancer Research Leadership Training
The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (TX)

Institution/Organization: The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

State: Texas

Issue Area: Support Services

Program Focus: Pathway/Pipeline

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COMMUNITY-BASED ORGANIZATION LEVEL: Conexión Américas' College Success Program
Conexión Américas (TN)

Institution/Organization: Conexión Américas

State: Tennessee

Issue Area: Support Services

Program Focus: DREAMers, First Year Support

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2020 Examples of Excelencia:

The 2020 Examples of Excelencia were selected from 20 finalists among 112 national submissions representing 24 states, DC and Puerto Rico.

Lone Star College-North Harris (TX)

Institution/Organization: Lone Star College-North Harris

State: Texas

Issue Area: Retention

Program Focus: Faculty Training, Institutional Change

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BACCALAUREATE LEVEL: Arizona’s Science, Engineering and Math Scholars (ASEMS) Program
University of Arizona (AZ)

Institution/Organization: University of Arizona

State: Arizona

Issue Area: Retention

Program Focus: STEM, Undergraduate Research

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GRADUATE LEVEL: Latinx Leadership Initiative
Boston College (MA)

Institution/Organization: Boston College

State: Massachusetts

Issue Area: Academic Program

Program Focus: Career/Workforce, Pathway/Pipeline

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Generation Hope (DC)

Institution/Organization: Generation Hope

State: District of Columbia

Issue Area: Support Services

Program Focus: Mentoring, Scholarship

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