Spanish Community Translation and Interpreting Program

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University of Texas at Arlington
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The mission of the Spanish Community Translation and Interpreting Program is to provide a high-quality education that allows their graduates to meet the growing demand for translators and interpreters in the US. By offering a B.A. and two certificates in Spanish Translation and Interpreting, this program specifically affirms and maximizes students’ skills in English and Spanish with course offerings that respond to current market and professional demands; provides students with leadership and networking opportunities in the community through internships, service-learning, mentoring, and instruction; and equips students with the skills, credentials, and professional opportunities needed to succeed in their careers.

Program Description

UTA’s B.A. in Spanish Translation and Interpreting is one of the few programs in the nation and the only one oriented towards community translation and interpreting, service-learning, and internships. Most Latino students in the program are language brokers in that they translate for their parents in immigrant families. UTA actively recruits Hispanic heritage speakers who find this program an invaluable opportunity to professionalize their skills. This program collaborates with over 35 community partners where students obtain professional experience while serving the community.


The program tracks four main categories for data: methods increasing Latino presence in higher education; boosting Latino college graduation rates; maximizing Latino students’ skills in English and Spanish; and providing students professional opportunities that lead to job opportunities. The following data is a reflection of these four goals:

  • The 2021-2022 T&I student body was over 80% Hispanic compared to UTA’s overall Hispanic population of 34%. Additionally, participants are 72% first-generation and 75% Pell eligible.
  • While newer, T&I B.A. program has grown nearly eight-fold since its inception in Fall 2014. The number of Latino students grew from 7 that first year to 40 in Fall 2022.
  • The 4-year graduation rate of Latino students in T&I B.A. is around 88%. This is 20% higher than the graduation rate of all continuing Latino students enrolled at UTA (68%). All Latino students from the Fall 2014 cohort graduated with a B.A. within six years.
  • The 4-year graduation rate of transfer Latino students enrolled in T&I B.A. is 92% vs 63% for the university at large.
  • Since 2008, 282 students (86% Latinos) have obtained the Certificate in Translation. The Exit Exam pass rate for Latino students is 99%.
  • Since 2015, 64 students (94% Latino) were placed in internships completing a total of 3,921 hours.

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