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Excelencia in Education accelerates Latino student success, enhancing our workforce, leadership, and economy.

  • Learn more about 25 Years of HSIs - Excelencia's latest analysis being released over the next few months to inform and compel more discussions on HSIs and Latino student success.
  • Learn more about the context of higher education and institutional resiliency in Puerto Rico in Excelencia’s latest release.
  • In 2019-20, there were 569 Hispanic-Serving Institutions, representing 18% of institutions and enrolling 67% of Latino undergraduates. Learn more.
Latino College Completion
Ensuring America's Future
What Works
What Works
  • Learn about Examples of Excelencia, the only national data-driven initiative to recognize programs accelerating Latino student success in higher education.
  • Explore our Growing What Works Database, the only national database that identifies, informs, and aggregates evidence-based programs that work for Latinos and other students.
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I Am Latino Student Success

Join Us to Celebrate Latino Student Success

Each year Excelencia in Education celebrates our shared commitment to Latino student success by honoring Latino college graduates. Celebrate the achievements, degree attainment, and workforce success of Latinos across the nation with us.

For a limited time, Excelencia is pleased to introduce a series of “I Am Latino Student Success” merchandise. Join us to show that our community celebrates in transforming higher education to intentionally SERVE Latino students. Celebrate #LatinoStudentSuccess! 

New Release - Higher Education in Puerto Rico: Conditions and Context Influencing Institutional Resilience

Graphic-Higher Education in Puerto Rico: Conditions and Context Influencing Institutional Resilience

Excelencia in Education conducted an environmental scan of Puerto Rico to better understand the community and context of higher education, as colleges and universities transform to better serve their Latino students. This environmental scan identifies and includes a profile of the community overall, the socio-economic profile and educational pipeline, and the condition of institutions of higher education over the past several years. Learn more about the current context with which colleges and universities in Puerto Rico are having to manage their resilience and efforts to serve their students.

National Briefing on 25 Years of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) Accelerating Latino Student Success

National Briefing on 25 Years of HSIs

Excelencia in Education hosted a national briefing with members of congress, college and university leaders a virtual discussion about the critical role of HSIs, Emerging HSIs, and the road ahead for Latino student success in higher education.

Presented in cooperation with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Ensuring America's Future: Latino College Completion

Latino College Completion: United States

During these challenging times, Excelencia in Education remains committed to Ensuring America’s Future by increasing Latino college completion. Excelencia’s most recent analysis of public data on enrollment, degree completion, and degree attainment show that Latino student enrollment and degree completion continues to increase. Yet to close the equity gap in degree completion, the United States requires a tactical plan to reach the Latino degree attainment goal of 6.2 million degrees earned by 2030. This plan must include strategies to help Latinos accelerate degree completion while supporting increased attainment for all students.

Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs): 2019-2020

Definition of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs)

Excelencia remains committed to sharing research to highlight the opportunities for SERVING Latino students at the institutions where they enroll.

Excelencia’s analysis, based on the most recent federal data, shows continued growth in the numbers of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and Emerging HSIs, increased Latino enrollment in regions not normally known for Latino enrollment, and a growing number of HSIs with graduate-level program offerings.

We're Closing the Equity Gap in Latino College Completion


To close the national equity gap in degree attainment, Latinos will need to earn 6.2 million more degrees by 2030. Excelencia will help reach this goal by:

  • Working with institutions to raise Latinos' degree attainment
  • Informing and influencing educators and decision makers to increase Latinos' degree attainment
  • Advancing evidence-based practices that support the success of Latino and other students
Informing Policies with Real Outcomes

Our research on Latinos students in education provides an understanding of Latinos' strength, growth, and opportunities for increased success.

Five Factors that Influence Latino College Completion

Supporting Financially
Supporting Financially
Modeling w/ Faculty
Modeling w/ Faculty