Presidential Perspectives: The Seal of Excelencia

Leading Higher Education Transformation to SERVE Latinos

What does the Seal stand for among higher education leaders? The presidents and chancellors of the trendsetting colleges and universities certified with the Seal of Excelencia have taken responsibility for advancing Latino student success, and they are ensuring America’s bright future. Each looks beyond enrollment to establish and implement strategies and practices that truly SERVE Latino students while serving all.


Serving Latino Students with Intentionality

Where does intentionality fit into Seal-certified institutions’ Latino student success efforts? Beyond an HSI designation, which considers enrollments alone, the Seal of Excelencia requires institutions to innovate and implement approaches to accelerate Latino student success with intentionality. By focusing efforts on evidence-based practices, Seal-certified colleges and universities catalyze meaningful change and outcomes for their Latino populations.


Ensuring Our Country’s Future

How does the Seal propel institutions, and the U.S., toward a brighter future? As the U.S. changes, so too must higher education. Latinos constitute the country’s fastest growing college-age population, and Seal-certified institutions not only retain and graduate Latino students, but support them to achieve their career ambitions after college. In fostering Latino talent, their efforts reinforce America’s future workforce and civic leadership.


Collaborating in Common Cause

Why is working together in common cause important for Seal-certified institutions? Seal-certified institutions do not work in isolation. Rather, they belong to a community of 30 trendsetting colleges and universities (and counting), each of which is committed to Latino student success. In addition to values, they share and promulgate strategies and practices that strengthen their efforts to advance Latino student achievement.


Serving Latino, and All, Students

What does it mean to accelerate Latino student success while serving all students? When they commit to making their campuses places where Latino students can thrive, Seal-certified institutions also commit to ensuring all students can thrive. Their focus on proven practices that address Latino students’ unique needs informs and improves their approach to student success broadly.


An Ongoing Journey To Latino Student Success

Why do institutional leaders begin and continue their journeys to and beyond Seal certification? The Seal provides a framework that treats the institutional transformation necessary to SERVE Latino students as a journey. That means supporting institutions at the start of their journey toward Seal certification to evaluate their efforts, as well as ensuring those further along in their journey measure progress and deliver on their commitment to Latino student success.




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