25 Years of HSIs: A Glance on Progress - Top 10 HSIs Enrolling Latinos

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December 2020


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  • Four HSIs continue in the top 10 HSIs enrolling Latinos. Since 1994-95, Miami Dade College, Florida International University, El Paso Community College, and East Los Angeles College continue among the top 10 HSIs enrolling Latinos.
    • Of these four HSIs:
      • Miami Dade College continues as the top HSI enrolling Latinos.
      • Florida International University jumped from the sixth to the second HSI enrolling Latinos.
  • The top 10 HSIs enrolling Latinos are very concentrated geographically. In 1994-95, these institutions were located in four states and locations— California, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Texas. In 2018- 19, these institutions were located in three states— California, Florida, and Texas.
    • No HSIs in Puerto Rico continued in the top 10 HSIs enrolling Latinos. While there were three HSIs in Puerto Rico in the top 10 enrolling Latinos in 1994-95, no HSIs in Puerto Rico were in the top 10 in 2018-19.
Infographic-25 Yrs HSIs-Top 10 HSIs Enrolling Latinos 1994-95 to 2018-19

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