COVER- 25 Yrs of HSIs - At a Glance - Race/Ethnicity at HSIs

25 Years of HSIs: A Glance on Progress - Race/Ethnicity at HSIs

Excelencia in Education
December 2020


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  • Almost half of students enrolled at HSIs are Hispanic. In 1994-95, about half (51%) of students at HSIs were Latino. By 2018-19, 46% of students at HSIs were Latino and more than half (54%) were from other racial/ethnic groups.
  • HSIs have become more diverse. While the representation of Latinos at HSIs decreased slightly from 51% to 46% over 25 years, the representation of Asian/ Pacific Islander students and other racial/ethnic groups has increased during this period—from 6% to 9% and from 5% to 10%, respectively.
Infographic-Comparison Between Race/Ethnicity at HSIs Over 25 Years


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