Wood Technology Program

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The Wood Technology/Programa en Carpentería Fina trains students in high demand woodworking careers. An integrated and contextualized approach to learning foundational skills is used along with learning communities and team building. In the first semester, students work to improve their woodworking skills as they learn the English measurement system (vs. the metric system), shop math, drawing, reading, project planning and team skills. Students can earn a certificate or associate's degree to support their transition to employment in this high skill, high wage industry in the Northern California Bay Area.  

Program Description

Programa en Carpintería Fina trains students in high demand woodworking careers. The program concurrently supports students’ English language learning by using initial bilingual support combined with ongoing Vocational ESL tailored to the woodworking industry.


  • Carpintería has delivered seven credit hours of fine woodworking instruction per semester to a total of 87 students, roughly 25 students per semester.
  • Student retention rates are about 88% for Carpinteria students as compared to about 60% for the regular fine carpentry students.
  • Most of the students enrolled in two semesters and took two classes per semester earning a total of 14 credit hours. Carpintería students have many more options open and paths to follow as a result of the program completion.

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