Transfer Alliance Project (TAP)

University of California-Berkeley
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The mission of the University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley) Transfer Alliance Project (TAP) is to increase the number of low-income and educationally disadvantaged community college students in California. TAP aims to assist students in becoming competitive transfer applicants to UC Berkeley and other highly selective colleges.

Program Description

TAP is a cohort model program that achieves its success by providing students with multi-year, one-on-one personalized academic advising, guidance on choosing an appropriate major, assistance with the UC application, and information about financial aid and scholarships. TAP students have access to multiple educational enrichment opportunities, such as taking a Berkeley class in Summer for free, conducting research with UC Berkeley faculty, peer-to-peer mentoring, or participating in a 3-day Summer residential program on the Berkeley campus to experience student life at a UC. Students also receive support with preparing to successfully transfer to a 4-year university. 


Since 2010, 81% (1005 of 1245) of Latino TAP students were admitted to UC Berkeley and 84% (844) enrolled at Berkeley. This compares to UC Berkeley’s average admit rate for Latino students from 2017-2019 of 22% and enrollment rate of 56%. In 2019, 91% of TAP students were admitted to a UC campus, and other universities, such as Stanford and Cornell. 



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