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The Proyecto Pa'Lante program is committed to enhancing student success by operating as an academic support unit that has historically and continuously served Latino students who demonstrate academic potential but yet do not meet general admission requirements. The program focuses on providing support in the areas of academic advising, tutoring, vocational, career, personal, and financial counseling. While providing an environmental support system relevant to the development of a positive self-image and a feeling of belonging.

Program Description

Proyecto Pa'Lante is an academic support services program that has historically and continues to provide services primarily to Latino students from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs that demonstrate academic potential but may not yet meet general admission requirements. Proyecto Pa'Lante students are provided with personal and academic support services during a two-year adjustment period designed to increase scholastic achievement and persistence towards graduation. Students must actively participate in the assistance programs provided and show evidence of academic progress. It offers essential information about surviving and excelling in college through several 3-credit academic transition courses taught by Proyecto Pa'Lante advisors. The program admits approximately 80 students per year since 2004 and serves about three hundred students at any given time. Proyecto Pa'Lante is housed in Academic Affairs, which comprises departments that offer both academic support and co-curricular programs to enhance the NEIU student experience.


The Proyecto Pa'Lante cohorts had a first to second-year retention rate of:

2008: retention rate of 67.1%, compared to the University 68.8% and Latino students not in Proyecto Pa’Lante 68.2%.

2009: retention rate of 72.5%, compared to the University 68% and Latino students not in Proyecto Pa’Lante 67.7%.

2010: retention rate of 66.7%, as compared to the University 63.3% and Latino students not in Proyecto Pa’Lante 59.7%.

2011: retention rate of 64.3%, as compared to the University 61.2% and Latino students not in Proyecto Pa’Lante 59.1%.

2012: retention rate of 69.4%, as compared to the University 60.7% and Latino students not in Proyecto Pa’Lante 58.3%.

2013: retention rate of 57.60%, as compared to Latino students not in Proyecto Pa’Lante 55.0%.

In addition, at least 20 students each year receive the Proyecto Pa'Lante Scholastic Award. This award is earned by outstanding full-time Proyecto Pa'Lante students who have demonstrated high academic achievement, as defined as an earned 3.5 or above cumulative GPA.