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Northeastern Illinois University
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Proyecto Pa'Lante is committed to enhancing student success by operating as an academic support unit that has historically and continues to serve Latina/o/x students who are first generation college freshman. The program focuses on providing: Support in the areas of holistic, cultural, academic advisement, tutoring, vocational, career, personal, and financial counseling; and A college support system relevant to the development of a positive self-image and a feeling of belonging.

Program Description

Proyecto Pa'Lante is an academic support services program that has historically and continues to provide services primarily to Latinx students from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs that demonstrate academic potential but may not yet meet general admission requirements. Proyecto Pa’Lante builds and fosters relationships with CPS high school coaches and counselors as well as community partners such as Enlace Chicago to create a pipeline to the university. Proyecto Pa’Lante assists with the admissions and onboarding process of Latinx students. During a two-year adjustment period designed to increase scholastic achievement and persistence towards graduation students in this program are supported through a Latinx college success course (which provides 3 credits), a one-on-one advisor, a scholarship, and bilingual and bicultural programming for students and parents. The program admits approximately 80 students per year since 2004 and serves about three hundred students at any given time. 



  • The 2019 Proyecto Pa’Lante cohort had 89 students and 83.1% were retained from Fall to Spring.
  • The 2020 Proyecto Pa’Lante cohort had 63 students and 82.5% were retained from Fall to Spring.
  • Proyecto Pa’Lante kept its percentages of retention fairly similar in spite of Covid.

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