Transitional Bilingual Learning Community (TBLC)

Transitional Bilingual Learning Program (TBLC)
City Colleges of Chicago-Harry S Truman College
Academic Level
Issue Area
Program Focus
Bilingual /ESL,
Learning Community


The Transitional Bilingual Learning Community (TBLC) program was launched to assist immigrant students with limited English proficiency in transitioning into college. The program prepares Latino English language learners (ELL) for college-level courses by teaching them English courses for two semesters. TBLC's goal is to have a 70% retention rate for their participants who are recent high school graduates from Chicago Public Schools as well as students currently at Truman College completing GED requirements. 

Program Description

TBLC provides Latino ELL students the best opportunity to acquire solid academic skills and knowledge by being a part of a supportive community of students and faculty who help develop self-confidence and leadership. TBLC enrolls Latino ELL through a strong recruitment network and strengthening students' academic English language skills and knowledge. While improving students' English language skills and knowledge, the program promotes the culture of higher education and embracing their bilingual identities and experiences.  TBLC also encourages students to participate in the Latinos United Club and the TBLC Alumni network once they have completed their first year.


  • Increase in GPAs: Latino TBLC students have recorded an average of 3.0 GPA compared to Latino non-TBLC students that recorded an average of 2.6 GPA.
  • Increase retention rates: In 2020, the student cohort had a FA19 to SP20 retention rate of 100% 
  • Increase college completion rates: In 2016, 48% of TBLC students earned an Associate’s degree compared to 21% of non-TBLC students.

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