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The Ph.D. in English contributes to the mission and strategic directions of the university by emphasizing Latina/o literature, including the cultural and literary production of U. S.-based Latina/o.

Program Description

The Ph.D. in English is helping shape the future of the profession with its focus on Latina/os and writing. The Ph.D. in English program exists to help fill a void of Latina/o college and university professors and to promote teaching Latina/o literature and cultural studies. Thus addressing the lack of opportunities for minority students to learn to teach, research, and write as college or university faculty members. Its unique nature arises from its structure of requiring all doctoral students to take courses in Latina/o Studies and Rhetoric/Composition and is the only U.S. Ph.D. in English program requiring at least 6 hours in Latina/o Studies. All graduates are qualified to teach in Latina/o literature and cultural studies, rhetoric/composition, as well as their dissertation-area specialty.

Most students complete a service-learning component in programs at community grassroots organizations. They also have the opportunity to teach courses in Mexican American and multi-ethnic literature as well as in women’s studies and queer studies. The students are engaged in research that is already shaping the scholarship in the field of Latina/o studies. Their publications and presentations at professional national conferences such as NACCS, ASA, MLA, and CCCC demonstrate that their work is of the highest caliber. They have taken tenure track jobs at a variety of institutions of higher education.


The program has graduated a total of 20 Ph.D.s, 12 of them are Latina/o students.

85% of dissertations are in Latina/o studies.