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Southern Methodist University
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The Master of Bilingual Education program prepares in-service teachers that have a near-native or native command of Spanish and English to teach elementary-level bilingual learners more effectively. Over 90% of program participants are Latino.

Program Description

Established in 1990, the Master of Bilingual Education program requires students to complete 36 graduate-level credit hours in one of three degree plans:

  1. English as a Second Language (ESL) Plan
  2. Gifted & Talented Plan
  3. Special Education Plan

Within these degree plans, courses taught include methodology, linguistics, culture, research, and the history and rationale of bilingual education, offering maximum flexibility to those who are interested in broadening both their academic preparation and classroom skills. The program is interdisciplinary, including program faculty from various academic disciplines such as education, anthropology, history and theology. Visiting professors and lecturers also contribute to the offerings of the program.


Since the program's inception in 1990, more than 300 Latino students have completed a Master's of Bilingual Education.

More than 90% of program participants have graduated with a Master's of Bilingual Education. Of those who have graduated, more than 50% have received a promotion or been given significant leadership responsibilities within three years of graduation. 

Each graduate, on average, has taught at least 200 students and thus far has had an impact on at least 60,000 bilingual learners, their parents, and communities.

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