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The Master of Bilingual Education (MBE) program prepares in-service teachers, over 90% of whom are Latino, to teach elementary level bilingual learners more effectively, enabling students to attain literacy in both Spanish and English while achieving at a high level academically. Program participants are also prepared to assume leadership roles in the community and in their school districts.

Program Description

The MBE program has two major goals: to prepare master teachers of bilingual learners, and to develop a cadre of teachers serving as advocates for bilingual learners in their schools, school districts, and communities.


Since the inception of the program in 1990, more than 300 Latino students have completed the MBE degree:

  • During one period, 154 entered the program and 151graduated; over the life of the program. • The graduation rate has been greater than 90%.
  • Program effectiveness has also been shown by promotion and assumption of new duties by graduates in their schools and school districts: in two surveys in different years, more than 50% had received promotions or been given significant new responsibilities within three years of graduation.
  • Each graduate, on average, has taught at least 200 students. The graduates have thus had an impact on at least 60,000 bilingual learners, their parents, and communities. In addition, recent MBE graduates have served on the board of the Texas Association for Bilingual Education and as officers of the Bilingual/ESL Association of the Metroplex.
  • In 2014, the program grew from 8 students a year to 40 students, the majority of them are Latino.
  • The MBE program has also added a new bilingual specialization that takes into account the needs of special education students who are bilingual.
  • Currently, three of the five courses in the bilingual specialization are taught in Spanish and in English, and students are expected to read and write research-based articles in both languages.
  • New hires for the MBE program include three full time faculty that are fluent in both Spanish and in English.