Enhancing Postbaccalaureate Opportunities at CSUF for Hispanic Students (EPOCHS)

EPOCHS: Enhancing Postbaccalaureate Opportunities at CSUF for Hispanic Students
California State University-Fullerton
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Enhancing Postbaccalaureate Opportunities at CSUF for Hispanic Students (EPOCHS) was created to increase the number of Latino/a students obtaining a master’s degree at California State University Fullerton (CSUF) through providing services and activities improving campus climate, retention, and graduation rates.

Program Description

EPOCH's services to students include new graduate student orientation with Spanish workshops for families, a graduate student handbook, bilingual English/Spanish newsletter, tutoring, academic skills workshops, graduate student assistant program, faculty/graduate student mentoring program, and grants to support grad student research.

Additionally, to improve CSUF campus climate EPOCH host faculty advisor workshops on cultural competency and outreach activities with community groups. EPOCHS is designed and marketed for Latino/a students, but its services are open to all students. Managed from the Graduate Studies Office, EPOCHS is well integrated into the Office’s daily operations and with the Strengthening Opportunities, Access, and Resources for Latinx Students program.  


EPOCHS increased enrollment of Hispanics in CSUF graduate degree programs by 80% from 2010 to 2016. 

In 2016, 100% of Hispanic students participated in new graduate student orientation held by EPOCHS. 

63% of Hispanic EPOCHS students graduated in 3 years, compared to 51% in 2010.

The same year,  50-70 faculty members applied for 25-35 mentor positions and 95% of the mentees who participated reported being “very satisfied” with the Program.


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