Science Educational Enhancement Services (SEES)

California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
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The purpose of the Science Educational Enhancement Services (SEES) program is to increase the retention and graduation rates for Latino, African American, and Native American students pursuing degrees in the sciences and mathematics.

Program Description

SEES creates a supportive community that provides opportunities for academic support, career networking, and community outreach through advising, mentoring, academic excellence workshops, and study and computer facilities. Their practices include establishing a community, professional development, peer mentoring, academic support workshops, tutoring, and financial support.


The success of SEES can be attributed to its commitment to the 3 C's: Content, Community, and Communication. SEES students who start as freshmen have a retention rate of 15% higher than under-represented students not in SEES and have a similarly improved graduation rate. Over 82% of SEES students served are Latino. 

From 1992 to 2013, SEES graduated more than 500 students who have gone on to earn 32 MDs, 7 DDSs, 20 Ph.D.s, and 61 MSs, as well as becoming credentialed K-12 and community college teachers.

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