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For the Mathematics Department at UT Austin to be a key player in addressing societal and technological needs on a national level it must maintain strength in the core areas such as its research and instructional programs while simultaneously encouraging the development of interdisciplinary ventures which draw upon those strengths. It must also be effective at capturing the talent of all students. Components of the UT Austin Math department:
1) Integrating their research and institutional programs through the Emerging Scholars Program (ESP)
2) Having a Mexican American professor and department head who has remained committed to educating Hispanics in mathematics and training them to become teachers
3) Developing a teacher certification program and integrating students' learning and teaching experiences with the School of Education through the UTeach program.

Program Description

The efforts of the Mathematics Department at The University of Texas at Austin over the past two decades have been successful in creating a cadre of Hispanic mathematics teachers and professors, which, in turn, are enriching the educational experience and inspiring so many other students.


According to data from the U.S. Department of Education, the Department of Mathematics at UT Austin ranked 3rd among all U.S. universities in the production of minority Mathematics and Statistics undergraduate degrees granted in 2003-04, and ranked 1st in graduating Hispanics in Mathematics (IPEDS 2003-04).