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Academy for Teacher Excellence (ATE) prepares culturally effective individuals, who are culturally competent, possess high teaching and/or mentoring efficacy, and can implement culturally responsive practices fostering individual and group transformation. ATE provides opportunities for disseminating best learning and teaching practices to serve and impact local school districts with over 90% Latino students.

Program Description

The Academy for Teacher Excellence collaborates with school districts, community colleges, and the private sector. They support Latino students to overcome financial, psychosocial, and institutional barriers that traditionally hinder their full participation in a university. Increase faculty’s sensitivity and preparation to address these barriers. Increase the number of teacher preparation programs that become nationally recognized by their success. Conduct quantitative and qualitative research that informs administrators, teachers, higher education faculty and community members with best practices that close the educational gap. Creating school, community, and university linkages that assume responsibility to prepare all children for the 21st Century through a seamless P-20 educational system.


Since 2005 ATEP mathematics, science and special education teachers have served over 100,000 Latino students in the San Antonio area.

ATE has served 1,852 undergraduate students seeking teaching certification and 59% have been Latino. 

ATE has enrolled over 200 students in its Accelerated Teacher Education Program (ATEP), a graduate-level teacher preparation program.

In addition to becoming teachers at high-need schools (those with over 90% Latino students), over 80% have remained teaching for at least 5 years.

Currently, 82 ATEP teachers have earned an M.A. Ed. and 43 additional will be completing the M.A. Ed. within 18 months.