Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI)

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Issue Area
Program Focus
Community Partnerships / Collective Impact,


CAHSI is an inclusive consortium of institutions and individuals committed to creating a unified voice and consolidating their strengths and resources to increase the number of Hispanics who pursue and complete baccalaureate and advanced degrees in computing areas.

Program Description

The goals of CAHSI are:
1) Increase the number of Hispanic professionals who enter the computing workforce
2) Support Hispanic retention and advancement in computing
3) Develop and sustain competitive education and research programs at HSIs.

1) Promote dialogue
2) Establish collaborations for sharing resources and promoting opportunities
3) Endorse a social science network
4) Conduct and share social science research Deploy field-test strategies
5) Implement proven initiatives that support student success


CAHSI has mainstreamed mentoring and build structured, academic networks for students that prepare them for success in course work from entry level through graduate school and into the STEM workforce. CAHSI’s efforts have resulted in student success and the human infrastructure to support its initiatives by training faculty in effective practices. CAHSI’s baccalaureate graduation rates have consistently surpassed the national graduation rates, and CAHSI has consistently graduated a high proportion of Hispanic master’s degree recipients, in particular those who are women. CAHSI exemplar programs are: Affinity Research Groups, CAHSI Summit Fellow-Net Fem-Prof Mentor-Grad Peer-Led Team Learning, as well as being included in the White House’s catalog for National Bright Spots in Hispanic Education. In addition, CAHSI is named in Excelencia in Education’s publication, What Works: Latinos in STEM.