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Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) creates a college-going culture for Latino families in an area with a history of low educational attainment. BLCI gives students comprehensive college-prep services such as tutoring, career exploration, and college application guidance. BLCI is unique in that they prepare kids for college starting in 3rd grade, work directly with parents, for at least 30 hours/year, support students through their college careers, and incorporate collaboration. Founded in 1996 as statistics showed that at-risk Latino students dropped out of high school at alarmingly high rates, and were underrepresented in higher education. In response, BLCI worked with twelve 3rd graders in one of San Diego's lowest-performing schools. In 2014, the Executive Director Leadership Council was launched, providing students with leadership opportunities focused on community service. BLCI also works with more than 60 community partners.

Program Description

The mission of Barrio Logan College Institute is to prepare disadvantaged students to be among the first in their families to attend and succeed in college. Their College Success Pipeline (CSP) is focused on meeting the following objectives, at minimum, for student success:
1) 90% of BLCI/CSP alumni have graduated college or are retained in college toward graduation.
2) 95% of BLCI high school graduates enroll in colleges and universities.
3) 95% of BLCI high school graduates meet the "a-g" requirements for admission eligibility to the UC and the CSU system.
4) 80% of BLCI high school students maintain a 3.0 GPA at the end of each school year. 5) 80% of BLCI middle school students maintain a 3.0 GPA at the end of each school year.


BLCI currently serves nearly 400 students, 95% of which are Latino. 23% of our students are aged 6-11 years old, 41% are ages 12-15, 26% are ages 16-24 and 10% are ages 25-30. 59% are female and 41% are male.

As of August 2015:

  • 100% of BLCI 10th graders passed the California High School Exit Exam.
  • 100% of high school graduates took the "a-g" courses required for public university eligibility in California, compared with 33% of Latino students who graduated "a-g" eligible statewide.
  • 100% of BLCI high school graduates enrolled in colleges and universities nationwide. - 81% of graduates enrolled directly into 4-year universities compared to 22% of Californian Latino students.
  • 90% of our CSP graduates persisted in college towards graduation; nationally only 11% of first generation college students graduate college within 6 years.


In the 2014-2015 academic year:

  • BLCI had a 3% attrition rate from the previous year.
  • BLCI's 14 graduates submitted over 150 college applications and received over 75 college acceptances.
  • In 2015, 10 BLCI alumni graduated from a 4-year university, with many taking leadership roles in their fields. In June 2016, 8 more BLCI alumni graduated from college, bringing the total to 44 college graduates.