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College Match focuses on high achieving high school students who are low-income and primarily Latino/a. This year, College Match provided comprehensive college access services to more than 700 low-income students in 23 high schools. Each student receives two years of comprehensive services including SAT Prep classes, visits to outstanding colleges across the country, assistance with essays, college applications, financial aid, and advocacy on their behalf with colleges. Low-income, high achieving students simply do not have access to information needed to pursue their college match potential. Qualified, low-income, Latino/a students lack the supports needed to participate effectively in the competitive college admissions process and College Match seeks to provide them with that.

Program Description

Their mission is to assist high-achieving, low-income public school students in Los Angeles County to get into selective colleges with significant financial aid packages. Students are provided with a high level of personalized support. They believe that if low-income students receive the same level of support as their wealthier peers that they are as capable as them to be successful in getting into selective colleges.

The College Match goals and objectives include:
1) Get every College Match student into a four-year college
2) Ensure all of their students receive sufficient financial aid
3) Ensure students graduate from college
4) Build a College Match Alumni network.


Every year, 100% of College Match’s students are accepted into 4-year colleges. Seniors raise their SAT scores by approximately 350 points and are high academic achievers. 95% of College Match students have graduated from college or are on track to do so; 80% are Latino/a. 69% of the 2017 College Match seniors were admitted to at least one Top 25 college. Over the past three years, 73% of College Match Seniors have been admitted to at least one Top 25 college or university. Over the course of the past three years, 804 College Match students have been admitted into some of the nation’s top institutions of higher learning.