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College Match
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 College Match's mission is to provide high-achieving, low-income high school students in Los Angeles County with the necessary tools and guidance to get into top-ranked colleges with significant financial aid packages. The program helps students find the best college match, matriculate, and provide the support necessary to graduate college with little student debt, leading to a fulfilling future. 

Program Description

College Match believes that if low-income students receive the same level of support as their wealthier peers that they are as capable as them to be successful in getting into selective colleges. Students receive two years of comprehensive services include SAT Prep classes, access to nationwide college visits, assistance with personal statements, college applications, and financial aid forms. In addition to the services they provide, the program also advocates on behalf of their students with the colleges. Once students enter college, College Match continues to contact and support their alumni through college graduation.  


  • Admitted into top institutions: From 2016 to 2020, 70% of College Match seniors have been accepted into at least one Top 25 College and 95% into at least one Top 50 college. 
  • Increase college completion rates: 100% of College Match participants are admitted into a four-year college, and 95% of them graduate from college, with the majority of their students identifying as Latino/a. 

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