College Academy for Parents

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Support Services
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College Prep,
Parental/Family Engagement


The College Academy for Parents is a college preparation program that informed parents can be the best advocates for their child's success in entering college. CAP believes the earlier a student and their family begin to prepare and understand the college preparation process, the more likely they will successfully enter a four-year university.

Program Description

College Academy for Parents is a comprehensive 12-week program that works with elementary school parents as they develop a college plan for their children. They provide workshops that engage parents with college knowledge and the University of Arizona faculty members. The program also provides a college camp for K-6th grade students to help develop college aspirations. For parents who complete the program, a graduation ceremony is hosted at the university to help reinforce what they have learned and the importance of their children attending college.


  • Increase parents' college readiness knowledge: In a 2016 survey conducted by CAP, parents were asked to reflect on their knowledge both before and after CAP. The survey showed statistically significant gains in all 25 college knowledge variables. 
  • Increase parents' college entry knowledge: In the same survey, English speaking parents experience substantial gains in confidence in knowing which classes their children need to apply for a four-year institution. Spanish and English speaking parents reported considerable gains in college requirements and financial aid knowledge.