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The Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program (HMDP) was founded to increase the number of minority, first generation, and low-income students that enter higher education. Since its inception, it has expanded from a one-year to five-year program that recently began accepting male students and fathers. HMDP has served 2,285 parent-student teams for a total of 4,570 participants. Partnerships with K-12 school districts helps decrease program attrition rates and allows for in-school case management style mentorship by program staff. HMDP serves families from over six high school districts and has specific agreements with two districts. Of program participants, 73% are on free/reduced lunch, 99% identify as Hispanic, and 93% of parent participants have an education level of a high school diploma/GED or less. The program structure incorporates mentoring, parent involvement, and early outreach. The program begins in the eighth grade and aims to increase participant cultural and social capital to promote college readiness and success. Cohorts attend workshops at the Arizona State University (ASU) Tempe campus in addition to student one -to-one mentoring sessions that focus on college readiness and career exploration.

Program Description

HMDP is designed to increase the number of first-generation Arizona students qualified and prepared to enter higher education through direct family involvement. The program goals are to: (1) Increase retention in the five-year program, (2) Increase high school graduation rates of Arizona students, (3) Increase the number of Arizona high school students who meet the Arizona Board of Regents university admissions requirements, (4) Increase post-secondary education matriculation rates for first-generation, low-income students who are underrepresented in higher education, and (5) Increase post-secondary education retention rates of first-generation students who are underrepresented in higher education at ASU.


HMDP participants mostly consist of students who attend Mesa Public Schools and the Phoenix Union High School District. As of 2015, the college-going rate for this district averaged 47%, for all Arizona public/charter schools it was 53%.

HMDP high school student data:

  • HMDP retains 80% of the eighth grade cohort to their 12th grade year 100% of HMDPs 12th grade students graduate high school in four years compared to the overall four-year Arizona high school graduation rate of 78% and 72% for Hispanic students.
  • 85% of HMDP 12th grade students meet ABOR requirements at the time of graduation versus 47% of high school students and 34% of Hispanic students not in the program.

HMDP College data: 

  • 73% of HMDP graduates attend an institution of higher education directly after graduation.
  • 60% of HMDP graduates will attend a four-year university directly after graduation.
  • Of these students, 45% will enroll at Arizona State University (ASU).
  • Retention of ASU students 76% of incoming freshman will persist to their second year.
  • 56% of ASU HMDP students will graduate in four-years or less, 71% will graduate in six years.