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Cerritos Complete is student success initiative designed to help students complete their degrees/certificates on time. The program aims to increase the number of students who complete their math and English/ESL requirements early, provide comprehensive education planning, and ensure timely degree completion. Cerritos Complete is a partnership between the college and its five local school districts, who collaborate to help high school seniors smoothly transition to college. More than a Promise program, it marries academic and student services, removing barriers to college access with strong personal, academic and financial support. The academic success of Latinos is critical to the nation’s economy, and the college was mindful of the needs of Latino students when devising Cerritos Complete and its strategies.

Program Description

The program's success is rooted in their strong partnerships and the way this collaboration connects college-bound students with college resources while they are still in high school. Through student-centered dialogue, a program called K-16 Bridge was created to allow students to connect with the college before graduation and receive high-touch services to better prepare them for college. To support this effort, Cerritos College made a significant investment and created a new department with staff to manage the partnerships and coordinate the support services. In Year 1, three districts were formal partners. Success during this initial year prompted the rest of the districts join in Year 2. The college President and Board of Trustees targeted local funding to expand the K-16 Bridge to the college’s Promise Program, rebranded as Cerritos Complete. This also allowed eligible access to promise scholarships.


Cohort 1 (Freshmen of 2015): 242 participants (184 Latino
Cohort 2 (Freshmen of 2016): 518 participants (350 Latino)
Cohort 3 (Freshmen of 2017): 779 participants (525 Latino)

Cerritos Complete students are enrolled full-time at a higher rate than the college student body as a whole (78% to 29%). They also complete more units, more quickly than other students: 91% are enrolled in 9 units or more, compared to 45% for all Cerritos College students.

In Cohort 1, 54% completed 40 or more units during their first two years compared to 26% in the regular first-time student cohort. Cohort 2 also outperformed the non-participant first-time student cohort with similar rates.

Data shows that more Latino participants have developed educational plans than non-participants (+8%), and far more enroll in and complete their entry-level math (+40%) and English (+11%) coursework.

The latest cohort data shows that 75% of students persisted into the first semester of their sophomore year, compared to 47% for the first-time enrollment cohort.