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Cerritos Complete is a student success initiative designed to help students complete their degrees/certificates on time. The program aims to increase the number of students who complete their math and English/ESL requirements early.

Cerritos Complete is a partnership between the college and its five local school districts, who collaborate to help high school seniors smoothly transition into college. More than a Promise program, it marries academic and student services by removing barriers to college access with strong personal, academic, and financial support. 

Program Description

Cerritos Complete success is rooted in their strong partnerships, allowing for collaboration to connect college-bound students with college resources while working towards their high school diploma. Through student-centered dialogue, a program called K-16 Bridge was created, connecting students to Cerritos college and receiving high-touch services to better prepare them for college. To support this effort, Cerritos College has made a significant investment by creating a new department with staff, to manage the partnerships between the college and the local school districts and coordinate support services. 


  • During 2018-2020, Latinx student participants attempted 15 or more units in their first term and 30 or more units in their first year at a higher rate when compared to all Cerritos College students.
  • Cerritos Complete students are completing transfer-level English and math at 18 and 22 percentage points higher than their peers.


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