The Math Tutorial Lab

The Math Tutorial Lab
Santa Barbara City College
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The Math Tutorial Lab provides underrepresented community college students individual, culturally relevant tutoring for all Math and Statistics courses through faculty and peer tutors to help students achieve their academic goals. The Lab seeks to bridge the existent equity STEM gap that exists between Santa Barbara Community College Latinx students and their peers.

Program Description

Redesigned in 2017, The Math Tutorial Lab was designed to meet the needs of students following the implementation of CA Assembly Bill (AB) 705. AB 705 is a California law that enforces the elimination of placement exams and remedial college level classes by encouraging colleges to provide support that helps students successfully complete transfer-level coursework in English and Math.

The Math Tutorial Lab offers a welcoming, safe, and responsive physical and study space for students to receive tutoring in Math and Statistics. Tutors and faculty of color who serve in the Lab are intentionally recruited to reflect campus student demographics and receive ongoing cultural training to create a sense of belonging for students of color in STEM. Tutors are available before and after class to provide student accessibility and are available to all students who participate in Math courses on campus.


  • Increased passing rates: As of Fall 2019, Latino program participants passed 23% more of their Math courses at the end of the semester when compared to Latino non-participants. In contrast, only 19% more of non-Latino participants passed their Math courses at the end of the semester when compared to non-participants.
  • Increased tutoring touchpoints:  From Fall 2016 to 2019, the Lab experienced an increase in student logins per semester from 5,942 logins to 11,002. 66% of Latino program participants who had 5 or more visits to the lab passed their Math courses at the end of the semester compared to only 43% for Latino non-program participants.

2024 Call for Nominations: Nominations are open from February1 to March 15