These data and practice tools are intended to help institutions looking to better understand Latino student success and consider what other institutions are doing to improve Latino student success they can learn from.

Offers colleges and universities the means to build campus support to accelerate Latinos student success in higher education while serving all students. This tool also helps institutions determine what information is helpful and what is missing; and to identify possibilities for productive interventions and/or the need for additional research.

This smaller database just of HSIs pulls from our Growing What Works (GWW) database and is a resource for institutional leaders, funders, policymakers and others looking for asset-based approaches and programs that show evidence of effectiveness in accelerating Latino student success at HSIs. The larger GWW database includes a wider representation of practices at nominated institutions and organizations across the country.

The purpose of this issue brief is to provide a common definition and methodology for identifying HSIs that will result in better analysis and more accuracy. Using a common definition based on an established methodology will more accurately represent this group of institutions.

Institutions serving Latinos need significant support for programmatic and student services. External organizations are increasingly looking to partner with these institutions to help accelerate Latino student success. HSI-CP2 is including opportunities to support these partnerships. These opportunities have been sent to Excelencia to share with our network, and external partners manage all the opportunities listed.