27 Years of HSIs

Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) Over the Years

As the young Latino population grows, along with their enrollment in college, so too does the opportunity to serve these students better. Doing this is an absolute necessity. The very foundation of higher education is changing, and we need institutional transformation to more intentionally serve Latino students now.

Deborah Santiago, Co-founder and CEO, Excelencia in Education


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What are Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and how have they evolved?

HSIs first received federal funding in 1995--three years after being initially included in the Higher Education Act. In recognition, Excelencia set up this page to expand the awareness and knowledge of HSIs, share research and analyses, and make data available to researchers in hopes additional research and knowledge-sharing occurs as the institutions that become HSIs continue to evolve.

Excelencia in Education leadership has worked with, studied, and learned from institutions meeting the HSI criteria over the years. Along the way, Excelencia :

  • developed a methodology for creating a list of HSIs;
  • created and popularized the category of Emerging Hispanic-Serving institutions (eHSIs);
  • added the development of lists for Hispanic-Serving Institutions with Graduate programs (gHSIs);
  • produced analysis, lists, and briefs to better understand Latino student success; and,
  • engaged communities of HSIs committed to more intentionally serve their students.

What does this mean for the nation and your state?

View the National Briefing on 25 Years of HSIs: Accelerating Latino Student Success.

Learn more about the state briefings on 25 Years of HSIs co-hosted by Excelencia's partners in the following states:
Florida, New York, California, Texas, and Arizona. Learn More

25 Years of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) 1994-2019


Excelencia released analysis to inform and compel more discussions on HSIs and Latino student success:



What data can researchers access to do their own research on HSIs? Excelencia in Education is making three datasets available over the years of HSIs, Emerging HSIs, and HSIs with Graduate programs for researchers to conduct their own analysis for a nominal fee. Learn More




What have we learned about HSIs from Excelencia? Excelencia has released over 15 publications with analysis to better understand HSIs since we began in 2004. Learn More





How can we get a quick snapshot of HSIs? Our publication, 25 Years of HSIs: A Glance on Progress, provides a set of factsheets, figures, and graphics of Excelencia’s analysis of 25 years of federal funding for HSIs. Learn More





Where are HSIs located now and and how has this evolved? This provides an interactive set of story maps that visualize the representation of HSIs by growth, sector, and geography. Learn More



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