Celebracion de Excelencia - Capstone for the Examples of Excelencia

Celebración de Excelencia

When we celebrate what works in serving Latino students in higher education, we increase awareness, inform program strategies, reinforce investment, and inspire leaders to discover and implement innovations that serve all students.

Sarita Brown and Deborah Santiago, co-founders of Excelencia in Education

Capstone of Examples of Excelencia

2017 Celebracion de Excelencia

The capstone of Examples of Excelencia is Celebración de Excelencia. This annual recognition of evidence-based practices serving Latino and other students in higher education is held in the Nation’s capital and is organized in cooperation with members of Congress, other elected officials, and educational leaders.

Celebración de Excelencia :

  • Elevates the goal of accelerating Latino student success to national prominence.
  • Serves as a catalyst for institutions and leaders to seek and apply asset-based strategies to accelerate Latino student success.

Celebrate Latino Student Success in Higher Education

Celebracion de Excelencia

Celebración de Excelencia is an annual recognition event that gives national prominence to the year’s Examples of Excelencia and finalists by bringing together practitioner leaders with private, public, and philanthropic sector leadership. 

On October 11, 2018, Excelencia in Education announced the 2018 Examples of Excelencia

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