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The number of programs that have been recognized by Examples of Excelencia since 2005.


Examples of Excelencia is the only national effort to identify and promote evidence-based practices that help accelerate Latino student success in higher education.

Closing the current equity gap in degree completion for Latino students requires vanguard leadership in replicable strategies that work for Latino students. Programs recognized through Examples of Excelencia are accelerating degree completion and attainment through intentional, culturally relevant, and effective high-impact practices tailored to Latino students.

Since 2005, Excelencia in Education has received over 1,000 program submissions; recognized over 300 programs for their efforts accelerating Latino student success and awarded $2 million to programs making a difference for Latino students.


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Profile Submission
Profile Submission

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What Do Students Say About This Year’s Finalists?

“The Math Lab…makes you feel you are part of a family. Everyone working together uplifting each other.... I learned a motto that I will never forget, ‘I don’t understand it, yet.’...The math lab is an amazing space for students to get help and will truly feel welcome.”
– Student, The Math Tutorial Lab
Santa Barbara City College

At the UAlbany EOP 50th Anniversary Dinner, a junior of Dominican heritage from Washington Heights shared that EOP “is your family away from home. They make you feel safe, so that you have support and a sanctuary, academically, emotionally and physically.” Another junior in EOP stated, “it is a great opportunity for students to get adjusted to campus before classes start. They offer us a lot of opportunities – tutoring, jobs and internships. EOP sets us up to succeed.”
UAlbany Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
University at Albany, State University of New York

“People should know that this program has so much help and support to offer kids in their high school and the college process and has so many valuable things to teach kids.”
– Student, College Success Program
Hyde Square Task Force Inc.

"The need for more culturally and socio-economically sensitive physicians is something I have observed and lived through. One of my goals is to improve the quality of care for people of all races and backgrounds in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities. As a bilingual Salvadoran-American and native of Los Angeles, I feel I can provide sensible and empathetic care to the Latino community. My desire to be a bridge between the Latino community and their healthcare providers will benefit greatly from the training that I will receive as a PRIME-LC student. PRIME-LC embodies qualities such as leadership, dedication to the underserved and familia! These are all qualities I want to emulate as a future physician.”
— Student, Class of 2020 PRIME-LC
University of California, Irvine School of Medicine