Adelante college entry program designed specifically for bilingual Latino health and human services personnel interested in earning a bachelor's degree. The Adelante certificate is one of the main initiatives of the University of Saint Joseph’s new Institute for Latino Community Practice.

Transfer initiative, in collaboration with local community colleges, to provide campus visits to prospective transfer students, informational workshops for community college transfer advisors, and targeted support services for transfer students.

With assistance from the educators from Hartford Public High School, Eastern Connecticut State University (Eastern) and its community college partner, Quinebaug Valley Community College, developed the Dual College enrollment and transfer initiative to recruit, retain, and graduate underrepresented students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Hartford’s inner-city, especially Latinos/Hispanics.

Learning communities model that integrates interventions for four different support areas for the purpose of promoting academic success of first-time Latino students in the engineering field.

Science Educational Enhancement Services (SEES) creates a supportive community that provides opportunities for academic support, career networking, and community outreach through advising, mentoring, adademic excellence workshops, and study and computer facilities.  Over 65% of students served are Latino.

The Medical Professions Institute is the center on campus for students who wish to pursue postgraduate studies at medical, dental, veterinary, physician assistant, or optometry school.  It provides a wide range of clientele-services to some 600 advisees, with programs recruiting from high school student populations; services-services include pre-professional advising and applications support, freshman experience coursework, MCAT guidance, ear

The Developing Scholars Program (DSP) is an undergraduate research opportunity program for underrepresented students. It is making a major impact on Latino/a graduations at Kansas State University, especially in the biomedical sciences, as we recruit, support, retain, and graduate first-generation, Latino/a students from immigrant families from southwest Kansas and the meatpacking industry and from our urban centers.

Cumbres uses a cohort model to support education majors committed to becoming English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsed and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) teachers by having them live together, take classes as a group, and providing access to mentor teachers, advising and job placement guidance. Students are offered scholarships to ensure persistence in the program.

The Office of Health Professions Career (OHPC) strives to level the playing field for Hispanic students by providing information, guidance, assistance, premedical studies, and standardized test preparation.

The Case Management Approach to Academic Advising program is part of STC’s Achieving the Dream initiative to undergo a transformational change in addressing the barriers that adversely affect student success.