Programs to Watch: Highlighting What Works for Latino Student Success

Programs to Watch: Highlighting What Works for Latino Student Success

Excelencia in Education
February 2018


Every year, Excelencia in Education receives submissions for Examples of Excelencia from across the country. Our criteria for recognition are focused on a program’s success backed by evidence that shows its effectiveness in serving Latino students in higher education. Since 2005, we have recognized over 280 different programs that serve Latino students through evidence-based practices.

However, there are many submissions from programs that are too new or do not have the metrics to fully measure their effectiveness. For this reason, Excelencia has created “Programs to Watch.” This effort brings attention to innovative and/or up and coming programs. We encourage policy makers, funders, researchers, and other stakeholders committed to improving Latino student success to take note of these programs as they continue to grow and serve students in their communities and institutions. This year’s Programs to Watch features 19 programs from multiple states, including Maryland, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

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