COVER-Higher Education in Puerto Rico

Higher Education in Puerto Rico: Conditions and Context Influencing Institutional Resilience

Excelencia in Education
May 2021


Excelencia in Education conducted an environmental scan of Puerto Rico to better understand the community and context of higher education, as colleges and universities transform to better serve their Latino students. This environmental scan identifies and includes a profile of the community overall, the socio-economic profile and educational pipeline, and the condition of institutions of higher education over the past several years. The context of colleges and universities to enroll, retain, and graduate their Latino (and all) students can help to understand institutional resiliency during times of crises. This can help inform efforts to support institutions and students on the island, as well as other institutions on the U.S. mainland so they can better serve their Latino and all students during times of economic, political, and natural challenges.

This publication is the first of a two-part study on transformation by colleges and universities to better serve their Latino, and all, students in Puerto Rico and will be in partnership with the Puerto Rico Endowment for the Humanities (La Fundación Puertorriqueña de las Humanidades).

This publication was developed with the support of Ascendium Education Group.


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