Services for Women and Non-Traditional Students (SWANS)

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The San Antonio College (SAC) Department of Services for Women & Non-Traditional Students (SWANS) provides a one-stop, comprehensive system of quality, support/retention services for SAC students and the community in its Empowerment Center. It is comprised of three support programs:

  1. The Women’s Center, established in 1981 to retain women and non-traditional students in college, provides academic advisement, personal/crisis counseling, child care/parent support services, community referrals, bus/textbook vouchers, the LULAC Parent/Child Scholarship Program, and an annual city-wide college outreach/recruitment conference for women.
  2. Seguir Adelante, established in 1997 to provide pre-college/transition services for special populations needing support for college preparation/success. Services include English language remediation, GED prep, basic skills upgrading, college admission/registration assistance, testing, textbook vouchers, tuition assistance, and a GED to College Transition Program.
  3. Mi CASA (Career Advancement and Self-Sufficiency Assistance) Program, created in 2007 helps individuals become self-sufficient with career counseling and social services eligibility screenings.

Program Description

SWANS advocates for and empowers women, non-traditional students, and community members by transforming their lives through a comprehensive system of educational support and retention services. They aim to provide quality academic advisement, personal/career counseling and crisis intervention along with workshops seminars, and conferences for recruitment and retention.


2017 - 2018 Scholarships-

  • Since the LULAC Parent/Child Scholarship began in 2007, 266 students have completed a postsecondary credential (associate's or certificate) or transferred to a university.  
  • The LULAC Parent/Child Scholarship awarded $33,000 to parents and 66% of recipients were Latino. Participants had an average cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • The United Way of San Antonio distributed childcare scholarships for 41 children and 92% of parents were Latinos. Participants had an average cumulative GPA of 3.3.    
  • $13,000 was awarded to 13 Latino students from the Woman’s Club of San Antonio. Participants had an average cumulative GPA average of 3.1.    

The GED to College Transition Program - Spring 2010 - Fall 2018:

  • 83% of participants were Latino/a  
  • 71% have earned a GED and of those, 84% were Latino/a
  • 72% of the program’s GED recipients have enrolled in college, of those, 80% were Latino/a