College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) - New Mexico State University

College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) New Mexico State University
New Mexico State University
New Mexico
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The mission of New Mexico State University’s College Assistance Migrant Program is to serve the postsecondary educational needs of eligible farmworkers, dairy workers, and ranch workers across New Mexico by recruiting and retaining them until their graduation at NMSU.  The vast majority of students served (99%) are Latinx students, and most of them are first-generation College students.

Program Description

The CAMP program works collaboratively with community-based agencies that serve the farm working community for their expertise in understanding their students' lived experiences, recruiting students, and developing internship opportunities for their students. The CAMP program provides a peer mentoring program that helps retain students by working together to support one another academically and emotionally. The program also has several university STEM partnerships that work as a STEM program pipeline, exposing students to various STEM fields and opportunities to conduct research. Lastly, the program also provides financial assistance, educational workshops, and cultural activities. 


  • Increase retention rates: Of the Fall 2018 baccalaureate entering cohort, 88% of them were retained the following fall semester, compared to 75% of the full-time entering first-year class at New Mexico State University. 
  • Increase graduation rates: Of the 2013-2014 baccalaureate entering cohort, 24% of them graduated within four years, 64% of them graduated within six years, and seven still enrolled in Fall 2019. 
  • Making the most out of opportunities: CAMP students are making the most of their educational opportunities, with 37% (80 of 215) of them earning at least two degrees. Exposure to STEM opportunities and research has also helped triple the number of STEM graduates from two in 2007-2008 to seven in 2019-2020. 
  • Continuing education after baccalaureate degree attainment: Many CAMP alumni have continued their education, with 36 alumni earning at least one graduate degree, four graduated with a doctoral degree, and one currently enrolled in a doctoral program



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