Center for Community College Partnerships (CCCP)

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UCLA CCCP works to increase transfer rates and success of underserved community college populations by holistically equipping students with skills and knowledge of available transfer pathways to empower them to become self-advocates and leaders in their communities. UCLA CCCP contributes to the scholarship that focuses on transfer issues (research, policy-making, publications, etc.), ultimately enhancing transfer-sending and transfer-receptive cultures through the leadership and success of our peer mentors, scholars, & alumni and through the collaboration of staff and faculty at universities and community colleges.

Program Description

UC experienced a drop in the admission of Latinos with the passage of Prop 209. In response, UCLA developed a community college strategy to increase the number of underrepresented students. CCCP started in 2001 to create programs to inform, motivate & prepare students to transfer. Summer Programs were developed to address pipeline issues, motivate & prepare students to be competitive at top research universities. Peer Mentors are examples of transfer success. Using their experiences (many completed program previously) to empower students & show success at navigating the system. The Scholars program begins with a summer program & continues through the academic year with meetings and workshops focused on keeping the student on a transfer pathway. Using cultural competency, CCCP helps students understand the challenges & the successes related to transferring. CCCP promotes leadership development, awareness of Latino policy, & encourage giving back to the community. The Scholars program has grown from 150 students in two 3-day programs to over 700 students in 12 programs. CCCP uses Critical Race Theory & Community Cultural Wealth as a foundation & has developed a Transfer Receptive Culture framework to address the welcoming of transfer students in universities.


Latino Students stay engaged in CCCP with about 75% completing the requirements. In 2018, 337 out of the 449 were eligible for our culmination.

CCCP admit rates for scholars to UCLA are twice as much as the general non-CCCP participants. The majority of CCCP students (between 75% to 85%) are admitted to one of the other 8 UC campuses. Lastly, close to 95% of CCCP scholars are admitted to a bachelor's granting institution.

UCLA Transfer Rates for Latino students:
Fall 2018: 48% Admit rate (UCLA general transfer admit rate: 23%)
Fall 2017: 49% (25%)
Fall 2016: 54% (26%)
Fall 2015: 53% (26%)
Fall 2014: 58% (28%)

Close to 90% of CCCP students graduate within 3 years after transferring.