Bilingual Undergraduate Studies for Collegiate Advancement (BUSCA)

La Salle University
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Bilingual /ESL,
College Prep


BUSCA, an Associate of Arts degree program, offers Hispanic students a unique opportunity to transform their lives and their futures. BUSCA helps students by developing their foundational knowledge, improving their academic and language skills, deepening their intellectual curiosity, and increasing their self-confidence. BUSCA graduates are equipped to continue their education and to become lifelong learners and empowered bilingual leaders in our communities and society.

Program Description

BUSCA provides bilingual support services to help students through every stage of their education, from the time they are applicants through their graduation from their bachelor's degrees at La Salle. The students in BUSCA take courses in a shelter-immersion environment to improve their academic English and Spanish in the hopes that they are able to speak, listen, read, and write proficiently and professionally in both languages. 


BUSCA continues to educate the next generation of Philadelphia Latino leaders successfully: 375 students have earned their associate’s degrees; many have gone on to earn their bachelors’ degrees here (88) and at other institutions. Six students have earned master’s degrees from La Salle. In January 2014, 49 students graduated from BUSCA. Of that group, 75% immediately enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program. For the past five years, BUSCA’s graduation rate has been above 50%; two years it was over 60%.

2024 Call for Nominations: Nominations are open from February1 to March 15