Michael Molanphy

Vital Supporter


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Michael Molanphy Excelencia Vital Supporter

Excelencia honors and awards its Heart to Michael Molanphy of Varadero Communications for his amazing creative talent, tireless efforts and consistent production of Excelencia’s high-level graphics and design portfolio. Michael created the popular and often-complimented Excelencia logo. He established the organization’s branding sensibility and brought a level of professionalism at an early stage to an organization focused on research and policy—and this creativity continues today.

His company has produced the graphics and design for almost every product Excelencia has published in its first 15 years. As a reliable and visionary partner with a shared commitment to our community and value system, he has contributed his personal passion as well as professional skills for the betterment of our organization. We honor Michael Molanphy for being a valued partner and vital member of the Excelencia family.


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