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Sarita Brown and Bill Moses, Kresge Foundation

Excelencia honors and gives its Heart to William Moses and Caroline Altman-Smith of the Kresge Foundation for being core funders and supporters of improving higher educational opportunities for all students. The Kresge Foundation was one of the first in the nation to choose to support Excelencia as a young organization with a clear mission.

After funding several pilot projects to replicate what works at institutions looking to serve Latinos, as well as some research, their decision to provide capacity-building support for the organization was, for Excelencia, a landmark grant. Prior to this investment, the majority of our support for the organization had been to invest in our research and programs. It was followed by a second investment in the growth and health of the organization demonstrating their commitment to Excelencia’s vision for accelerating Latino student success in higher education. Kresge have been collaborators and partners—not just funders—as demonstrated when they said, “We couldn’t image this space without Excelencia in Education.” As one of the first investors in Excelencia, Kresge provided the organization essential resources early, and continue to offer their support, encouragement and perspectives to serve our mission. Excelencia proudly recognizes Kresge for their continued commitment and role in helping Excelencia reach 15.


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