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Excelencia honors and awards its Heart to Wynn Rosser, past executive director, and Leslie Gurrola and Sue McMillin of the Greater Texas Foundation for its early support of Excelencia and our potential to change Latino student success. The Greater Texas Foundation understood Excelencia’s mission from the start. Their input and suggestions guided us to re-frame key national issues to present intentional and practical solutions aligned with their regional strategy in Texas to positively impact Latino student success.

Their support of Excelencia’s research on the transfer pathway from Texas community colleges led to Excelencia’s enhanced methods to help institutions replicate evidence-based practices. It also supported the expansion of Excelencia’s use of analysis from the National Survey of Student Engagement to our work on Latino pathway from community colleges to four-year institutions, and policy implications at the institutional and state levels. Because of their leadership to address Latino student success as a whole and the personal commitments by the professionals who represent the Foundation, Excelencia recognizes the Greater Texas Foundation as a true philanthropic partner for Latino student success in Texas.


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