Excelencia in Education's Tree of Life

Excelencia Tree of Life - Install

The Tree of Life by the award-winning artist Verónica Castillo symbolizes what can grow from the efforts of committed people who plant a seed of an idea and develop an organization focused on accelerating Latino student success in higher education through support, collaboration and hard work. The blossoms from this Tree of Life are the Latino college graduates who share their talents and energies with their community and country.

Excelencia's Tree of Life Significance

Excelencia Tree of Life Cofounders


Excelencia's office has a unique piece of art that encapsulates the organization’s history and mission.

Understand more about the Tree of Life and its significance to our work and culture.

Artist Verónica Castillo - symbolism of “Excelencia’s Tree of Life”

Artist Veronica Castillo with Excelencia Tree of Life


Nationally recognized artist Verónica Castillo created the Tree of Life sculpture.

Learn more about her connection with Excelencia's work and the symbolism instilled in the artwork.

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