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Excelencia honors and awards its Heart to Mary Callahan and Shep Ranbom of CommunicationWorks in appreciation of their vital assistance and generosity when and where it all started – literally. As a nascent non-profit organization in need of a home, Mary and Shep invited Excelencia to use offices rent-free at their business, CommunicationWorks. Over the first five years of Excelencia’s growth, they provided pro-bono office space that allowed Excelencia to focus our time, energies, and modest resources on building our research, programs, and network. Equally vital, Mary and Shep provided input and perspectives as the organization evolved. They gave insightful advice and recommendations, which continued as Excelencia became a client. CommunicationWorks guided the process to develop Excelencia’s second strategic plan and helped us make the case for the Seal of Excelencia. For their belief in Excelencia, our vision, and mission--when Excelencia was just an idea, and for the many steps along the way, Excelencia is grateful.


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