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Excelencia in Education accelerates Latino student success, enhancing our workforce, leadership, and economy.

  • Latino and Black student retention has decreased since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more.
  • Learn more about 25 Years of HSIs - Excelencia's latest analysis being released over the next few months to inform and compel more discussions on HSIs and Latino student success.
  • Learn more about the context of higher education and institutional resiliency in Puerto Rico in Excelencia’s latest release.
Latino College Completion
Ensuring America's Future
What Works
What Works
  • Excelencia recognizes 4 evidence-based programs that show intentionality in SERVING Latino students through Examples of Excelencia.
  • Learn about Examples of Excelencia, the only national data-driven initiative to recognize programs accelerating Latino student success in higher education.
  • Explore our Growing What Works Database, the only national database that identifies, informs, and aggregates evidence-based programs that work for Latinos and other students.
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Join Us
  • Learn about the 21 programs recognized by Excelencia that bring a Latino lens to what works for students.
  • View the National Briefing on 25 Years of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs).
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2021 Seal of Excelencia

Announcing the Seal of Excelencia 2021

This year’s cohort of 10 trendsetting institutions earned the Seal of Excelencia certification and join a prestigious group of 14 Seal certified institutions in the county ensuring America’s future through their unwavering commitment to intentionally SERVE Latino students, while serving all.

Announcing the Four Examples of Excelencia Selected in 2021

2021 Examples of Excelencia

As elected officials and institutional leaders seek culturally relevant, high-impact practices that can be tailored to their students and communities, Excelencia brings to a national audience 4 programs - Examples of Excelencia - selected through a rigorous process from over 145 national submissions that have clearly shown their ability to serve Latino and other post-traditional students. We believe these programs are the foundation for student-centered transformation at their institutions and organizations. 

Cultivating Confianza: Excelencia in Education’s Trust-Based Approach to Latino Student Success

Excelencia in Education - Cultivating Confianza

The story of Excelencia in Education is one of intentionality and positive change. For 18 years, we have partnered with other trendsetting leaders across the country to accelerate Latino student success. We are now at a critical moment in history. Supporting and serving Latino students is crucial as a key to ensuring America’s future over the next decade. Cultivating Confianza: Excelencia in Education’s Trust-Based Approach to Latino Student Success frames how we can all work together to be more student-centered and achieve equity with a Latino lens.

National Briefing on 25 Years of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) Accelerating Latino Student Success

National Briefing on 25 Years of HSIs

Excelencia in Education hosted a national briefing with members of congress, college and university leaders a virtual discussion about the critical role of HSIs, Emerging HSIs, and the road ahead for Latino student success in higher education.

Presented in cooperation with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Ensuring America's Future: Latino College Completion

Latino College Completion: United States

During these challenging times, Excelencia in Education remains committed to Ensuring America’s Future by increasing Latino college completion. Excelencia’s most recent analysis of public data on enrollment, degree completion, and degree attainment show that Latino student enrollment and degree completion continues to increase. Yet to close the equity gap in degree completion, the United States requires a tactical plan to reach the Latino degree attainment goal of 6.2 million degrees earned by 2030. This plan must include strategies to help Latinos accelerate degree completion while supporting increased attainment for all students.

We're Closing the Equity Gap in Latino College Completion


To close the national equity gap in degree attainment, Latinos will need to earn 6.2 million more degrees by 2030. Excelencia will help reach this goal by:

  • Working with institutions to raise Latinos' degree attainment
  • Informing and influencing educators and decision makers to increase Latinos' degree attainment
  • Advancing evidence-based practices that support the success of Latino and other students
Informing Policies with Real Outcomes

Our research on Latinos students in education provides an understanding of Latinos' strength, growth, and opportunities for increased success.

Five Factors that Influence Latino College Completion

Supporting Financially
Supporting Financially
Modeling w/ Faculty
Modeling w/ Faculty