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Student Success

If we open the doors to college education to all that wish to achieve it, we produce a new generation of Americans proud of their destiny. Highly educated citizens, once vested in our country's democracy, will nurture it, protect it, defend it, develop and evolve it, and then they will sustain it.

Juliet V. Garcia, Professor, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and past president, University of Texas-Brownsville

It Takes All of Us

Excelencia in Education focuses intentionally on increasing Latino degree attainment and brings the role of Latinos in increasing the country’s college degree completion to the forefront of national attention. The nation cannot reach its degree attainment goals without substantially increasing Latino college completion.

Research - Latino Student Success

While all groups will have to increase college degree attainment to meet the goals, increasing Latino educational attainment is crucial for the U.S. to meet its future societal and workforce needs for three main reasons:

  1. the Latino population is growing rapidly and will make up a greater percent of the U.S. population by 2020;
  2. Latino educational attainment is currently lower than that of other groups; and
  3. many economically competitive jobs in the U.S. will soon require education beyond a high school degree.